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The Visa Package

With our Visa Package we meet with you, either face to face or via Skype, to understand your purpose of moving to and working in Berlin. When we have established the foundation for your application we start our process. There are some papers that needs to be filled out, we send you these documents and help you organize what papers you need from your home country.

We are here to help you throughout the whole process. It does not matter how long your process takes, we will be there to help you and change whatever needs refinement.

After a week we meet again, at this point we have collected all your papers and assembled your complete application. At this point we will escort and represent you for the visa application meeting. After the application is approved we help you get that visa. Voila!

(20 minutes)

The Welcome Package

In our Full Package we sort EVERYTHING for you. We find you a flat in Berlin, based on your preferences. We check your documents, to make sure you have everything to make the process as quick as possible. We send you recommendation and, if you need a warm hand to hold, go with you to the viewings.

While you focus on doing what you do best, we find the right insurance for you, setup a bank account and sort out your visa. What ever other requests you might have, we are here to help.

This process will take as long time, as for you to find the perfect flat and obtain your visa. We are here throughout the whole process and wont leave your side till you are settled and enjoying your time in Berlin.

(20 minutes)

The Flat Package

With our Flat Package we make sure that you experience the most comfortable move to Berlin. Whether you are already in Berlin or you are in your home country planning your move, we arrange a meeting either face to face or via Skype. On this initial meeting we set up a list of criteria for your future flat to fulfill.

After this meeting we are in this together! We overtake the complete communication with landlords as well as set up all your viewings.

When the perfect flat has been found, we help you collect and fill the necessary documentation that any realtor or private landlord might ask for. Finally we arrange for the handover of the keys from the landlord to you.

(20 minutes)

Business Relocation Package

Are you a company looking to relocate? Select this package and we will arrange a convenient time to meet via Skype/Whatsapp/Phone or at your location in Berlin if you have an office in the city.

(20 minutes)

K√ľnstlersozialkasse (KSK) Package

If you want to apply for the K√ľnstlersozialkasse (aka. Artist Insurance Fund) please choose this package and book your free 20 minute consultation now.

(20 minutes)

Property Purchase Or Sale Package

Book an initial consultation appointment to buy or sell a property in Germany. Our property puchase and sale package connects you with our expert real estate agents to help you to secure the best properties, financing and management services available. Book an appointment now.

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